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Diamdrop.com believes that jewelry’s value should be placed on the creativity, craftsmanship, hard work of the designer and manufacturer, and not the markup by the multiple changing of hands and the convenience of the store location.

Diamdrop.com is making diamond prices transparent on an international scale, allowing for massive savings on the stone while allowing consumers to spend more on the design. Using this model Diamdrop.com is posed to change the way people buy jewelry.

Diamdrop.com would like to invite you to our partnership program. It’s designed to bring value to the craftsman as well as the customer. Our signup process is simple, easy, and personal.

At Diamdrop.com, we vow to treat our partners with the same care as our customers, and promise excellence, reliability, and a unique model that benefits Diamdrop.com, our shared customers, and our valued partners.

How our partnership works

Learn about our process, from customer purchase to your first contact.

Our model gives our partners a way to gain access to new local customers with ease, while giving clients options based on your ability as a designer, and the customer’s unique needs.

Our customers buy diamonds at the lowest price available online. They have the option to chose a basic setting and send the stone directly to a local designer. Our designers can make the standard setting or offer them something more personal, and finish the work themselves.

How our process works

  • Customer Purchase

  • Basic Setting Purchase

  • Connection with local designer

  • Purchased Stone Shipped to Local Designer

Requirements Of Partnership

Diamdrop.com is looking to work with small manufacturers to large corporate entities, and everything in between. Our basic requirements are to ensure our customers are in capable hands.

  • Send basic identification documents and submit to a background check
    Because our customers will be referred by Diamdrop.com to our partners, Diamdrop.com would like to make a meaningful effort to ensure our partners have no history of violent crimes or sex offenses. Those who do have such a history need not apply.
  • Send education or proof of qualification; certificate from school, apprenticeship, or references
    Our partners must have at least 1 year of experience in creating jewelry.
    Our partners must have at least 3 satisfied customers that can be verified by reference & invoice.
  • Send us your portfolio of work, for review by our partner membership board
    Partners must display skill, diversity, and craftsmanship in their portfolio.
  • When your partnership is approved, we will send a contract to begin our partnership

benefits of becoming a partner

  • Quite simply, diamdrop.com drives your business.
  • Diamdrop.com has access to the largest aggregation of diamonds in the world, allowing our customers to get the lowest price online.
  • Our customers will have the option of buying a standard setting and having the stone shipped to our local partners.
  • Diamdrop provides our partners with a constant stream of new business. Our partners have a chance to show them a portfolio of their custom designs, and offer them a design outside of the standard setting at a price that is negotiated between our partners and the client.
  • And of course, even if the client is satisfied with a basic setting, may be interested in other goods and tells their friends about a wonderful experience.
  • Partners who sign with us will have a constant stream of business, unlimited opportunities to sell their designs, create custom jewelry, and make a fee that they choose is right for their labor.