bout Diamdrop.com – DiamDrop.com was founded in 2017 with the dream to revolutionize the diamond business. We believe that the industry and pricing of these stones should be as transparent and clear as a great diamond.

In the current industry, transparency is non-existent, and the markup on the stone prices is inflated by the number of intermediaries in every transaction. We aim to disrupt the industry through education and low prices, maximizing the value a customer receives from diamond manufacturers.

Our mission at DiamDrop.com is to shift the value of jewelry from a convenience-based model into a democratic, fair system. We aim to honor this vision by providing our customers with low prices, a great service, and creating unique value.



Here are articles written by Diamdrop.com executives about our unique business model, as well as a range of other subjects. We also have many other articles about the diamond industry, trends, and articles written about us by others. We welcome you to browse and see what the industry experts say about the diamond business.


To make certain subjects simplified and user friendly we’ve produced several videos for our customers. The videos will cover topics from describing our business model, to diamond education. We will continue to create content, and are dedicated to keeping our customers informed.

Conflict Free Diamonds

All of our diamonds are certified by a major certifying body, and have been through the kimberly process ensuring ethical mining and purchasing of stones. To learn more about the kimberly process download or e-booklet on how to ensure the ethical buying of diamonds.